Engagement Ceremony at Bombay Palace, Brampton Photography

Engagement Ceremony at Bombay Palace, Brampton Photography

Kartik & Lalita

newly engaged bride resting her cheek on the grooms shoulder with her hands on his shoulder

Bridging the Distance

Weddings and engagements are certainly some of the biggest milestones in the lives of a couple. As a wedding photographer, I am excited to help them create memories starting with the engagement.  Everyone is so happy to be apart of the celebrations leading up to a wedding but it’s almost impossible to have everyone at every event. What do you do when one partner’s family is from out of town – or in this case – out of the country? The solution to this problem is different for everyone but the way that Kartik and Lalita planned their ceremonies to include family and friends made sure that everyone was included. Ensuring they had photography for their Brampton Hindu engagement ceremony is partly how they closed the gap.   

Hindu engagement ceremony items for blessing

The beautiful colours and elements of Indian ceremonies

The groom’s family is local to the Brampton area which is where they chose to have their engagement ceremony.  Their wedding is being planned in New Jersey, USA, where the Bride is from. Having these two major events in each partner’s respective countries allowed both sides of family and friends to be involved in the celebrations.  Being the local Brampton photographer entrusted to capture their engagement ceremony and reception – it was my job to make sure that they could share this special time with family and friends who were not there.   

Engaged couple portraits at Bombay Palace Brampton Reception Party

Kartik and Lalita

Newly engaged bride holds her grooms hand while showing her ring

A lovely photograph of the groom holding his new bride-to-be’s hand

Bombay Palace Banquet

I had the honour and privilege of being Kartik and Lalita’s Photographer for their Hindu engagement ceremony just a few days before the New Year.  It was my last couple of 2019 and I was super excited to capture their engagement ceremony and reception as I had not photographed at Bombay Palace. I live nearby, provide Brampton photography and had driven past Bombay Palace numerous times passively thinking of when I might get to photograph there. I am so grateful for the opportunity to finally photograph at this beautiful location.

You can easily find Bombay Palace at 200 Advance Drive along Dixie Road in Brampton and it has plenty of parking to accommodate large groups. The ceremony and reception were held in the lovely Palace Ballroom of Bombay Palace Restaurant and Banquets close to where the groom’s family and friends could easily attend. The bride’s parents and brother came in from New Jersey to take part in the auspicious occasion. 

The engaged couple and their parents at the Palace Ballroom doing a Hindu engagement

Kartik and Lalita with their parents during the engagement ceremony

The Palace Ballroom

The Palace Ballroom has a stage that the couple utilized for their seated Hindu Engagement ceremony. The ceremony officiant, the couple, the parents and siblings could all comfortably be seated on this platform and the attendees had an easy view from beyond the dance floor in front of the stage. Having them elevated on the stage also made it easier to photograph them without getting in the way too much. 

Crystal Ball centre piece at Bombay Palace Reception

A Crystal Ball Lanter was the perfect centrepiece for the tables while keeping the linen colours neutral.

A lovely white backdrop with colourful uplighting and a few decorative pieces was all that was needed for the ceremony decor. The beautiful thing about Indian Ceremonies is all the colours that are used in so many different ways from the outfits to the vibrant and fragrant foods. Having the linens and decorations kept neutral allowed everything else to pop out and not clash. The room has lovely crystal chandeliers and cute crystal lanterns were added to each table as a nice accent. 

Note:  For beautiful pictures keep your uplighting as far in the background as possible and pose for pictures far enough away from them to avoid colour distortion on the skin.   

Fun Personal Touches

Some really sweet and creative engagement ceremony ideas added a personal touch to the festivities.  The bride’s engagement ring was placed in a bowl of colourful balls with other rings mixed in! It was the groom’s job to hunt and find the ring! It was quite fun watching and capturing the family surrounding and holding up the bowl while he searched diligently for the beautiful ring. Ring after ring popped out until finally with cheers and laughter the real ring was pulled out and it could finally be put in its rightful place, on the bride’s hand.     

Finding the engagement ring in a bowl of colourful balls at Brampton engagement ceremony

Kartik tries to find the engagement ring that has been placed in a bowl of colourful balls and alternate rings!

Groom trying to find his bride's engagement ring in a bowl of rings and balls

Found it!

The Reception

The stage transformed into a lovely seating area for the couple’s portraits and family photos during the reception.  Tasty appetizers and drinks followed by some heartfelt speeches and entertainment in the form of group dances and a special dance by the bride and groom-to-be. I was totally blown away when the bride informed us that she had just improvised her entire dance. I wish I could dance like that! I’m sure even with practice I couldn’t pull off those moves!!

After the entertainment, a delicious buffet dinner was ready to be devoured with Bombay Palace’s friendly staff moving about serving drinks and making sure everything was topped up. Everything moved so smoothly and the food was just delicious at this venue. I highly recommend Bombay Palace to any couples looking for engagement or wedding banquet halls in Brampton or Peel Region for the great food, service and of course the visually appealing venue for your photography. 

The groom dips the newly engaged bride at Bombay Palace

Kartik dips Lalita for a dance portrait

Buffet at Bombay Palace Restaurant and Banquets Brampton

Delicious buffet dinner for the private engagement reception of Kartik and Lalita

In Closing

Near or far, love pulls people together! It was such a pleasure taking these photos for Kartik and Lalita for their families and future family. Some of the best memories I have were from the Bride’s parents coming up to me while I was photographing and thanking me for always smiling and being pleasant with everyone. The groom’s mom gave me a big hug when I was about to leave and made sure that I had eaten! So sweet!  It is absolutely wonderful to work with people that made me feel like family. Thank you Kartik and Lalita for having me as your Brampton event photographer and allowing me to capture your engagement ceremony memories with photography. And a special thank you to Vajri for seeking me out and hiring me for her sons’ beautiful engagement. 

More Pictures!

Engaged couple dance on the Palace Ballroom dance floor at Bombay Palace Brampton Banquet

The engaged couple shows us their moves on the Palace Ballroom dance floor!

Family portrait of the newly engaged couples family at Bombay Palace

One of the first family portraits for the newly engaged couple

The cousins of the groom MC'd their engagement party

Kartik’s cousins did a fantastic job of MC’ing the reception


The golden elephant at Bombay Palace Restaurant and Banquets Brampton

Chilli Paneer anyone?! I love this golden elephant!

Newly engaged couple pose for a portrait picture

Kartik and Lalita pose for one of their first pictures engaged after their ceremony


Palace Ballroom stage at Bombay Palace Brampton transforms for the reception

The lovely stage in the Palace Ballroom transformation that was perfect for the couple’s portraits

Smarties that are placed as the couple's initials

A cute personal touch to layout the smarties as the couple’s initials

Family portrait of the newly engaged couple and their families

Fun family portrait – “everyone look at the couple!”









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