Alternate Toronto Wedding Venue Idea to Consider

Alternate Toronto Wedding Venue Idea to Consider

Davin and Libby’s Unique Toronto Rooftop Surprise Wedding

Groom in blue suit with his Bride and her hand on his shoulder on their condo rooftop wedding

Need to Change Your Toronto Wedding Plans? 

As we are now in phase three of reopening, I thought that spouses-to-be having to postpone their nuptials might be interested in alternative wedding venue styles. For example, trying to get a unique Toronto rooftop wedding venue when your banquet hall is fully booked.

Some couples may find themselves completely out of a venue in 2020 with having to reschedule their “I-do’s”. 

However, there are creative options out there:  

  1. Like trying to keep your venue but try changing it from a Saturday. Typically Saturdays are the first to be booked and are booked a full a year in advance.  Instead, try a weekday or Sundays that might be available.
  2. What about a morning elopement at your venue and future dating your big reception?
  3. Or trying to keep your plans in 2020 but changing your venue all together to something a little more avant-garde. Perhaps a repurposed space?

So I thought I’d share one of my first clients’ weddings with you as theirs was an interesting one. It is definitely one I think couples should consider if they are trying to tie-the-knot in 2020. 

Bride kisses her groom on the cheek as they sign their marriage documents with a red flower in the foreground

Davin and Libby’s Unique Toronto Rooftop Surprise Wedding

Davin and Libby surprised their guests by getting married disguised as a summer fete.  Their party (a.k.a. their wedding!) took place at their downtown Toronto Condo rooftop patio for family and friends a few years back. 

If you were looking for clues, you might have guessed from some of the modern wedding elements. For instance the bride’s contemporary tea-length “little white dress” paired with her “something blue” suede heels!

Or the groom’s three-piece suit!  But then again, it was not at all out of place. All of the guests came in nicely dressed for this downtown Toronto summer party!

Blue beach ball used as wedding decoration behind a wedding decoration floral vine

Blue beach balls made perfect decorations for a summer party or surprise wedding!

A Wedding In Disguise!

Beach balls are scattered about as decorations with “love” printed boldly on them.  Additionally, decorative elements reminiscent of wedding decor adorned the room but would not be misplaced in a nicely decorated room. 

The party room is surrounded by large windows which is great for natural light photography and illuminated the already radiant bride.  

Having a photographer at one of these swanky Toronto summer parties is normal. We certainly tried our best to blend in and not draw too much focus on us by taking plenty of candid photos.

As a wedding photographer on a mission with my then-partner and fiance (now husband)  it was our job to capture the moments leading up to the surprise wedding waiting on the rooftop.

Bridal guests blow bubbles as the couple finishes their vows

The Schedule of Events 

Guests were invited to the couples’ spacious private party room within their condo located near the Scotiabank Area in Toronto.  

Cleverly placed signs were on the door that pointed the way to the rooftop patio for the party to continue – but did not give away any clues to a wedding.  

Guests mingled and enjoyed appetizers in the party room and everyone was guided to the rooftop patio for the party to continue.  

Little did the guests know that they were about to witness the couple exchange their wedding vows. Soon they would be seated with a perfect Toronto rooftop patio view with green space to highlight the occasion. 

The Bride mingled with guests as she waited for her Groom.  It was he who walked down the ‘aisle’ to the song “It’s a Beautiful Day” by U2. This was perfect to throw people off of what was about to happen!

The guests were both stunned and delighted at the happy surprise when the secret ceremony was finally announced. 

The party morphed from a summer social gathering to a joyous wedding ceremony under the silent sky and above the city noise.

A view of the Toronto CN Tower  from the Toronto Rooftop Wedding Venue

Ideas for a Unique Toronto Rooftop Wedding

The couple’s Toronto condo was a brilliant spot for a rooftop wedding venue. I think that spots like these are not utilized often enough.

The outdoor garden was beautifully manicured by the Property Manager just in time for their special day. 

A stunning view of the CN Tower and the city skyline made a perfect background for this modern couple’s nuptials. 

Sometimes the most unique and fun ideas are the ones that are closest to home! 

Guests of the wedding reception in a condo party room used as the reception area

Choosing a unique Wedding Venue

Do you have a friend or family member that lives in a cool area downtown?  Perhaps they have access to an awesome party room with a view or rooftop garden?

How about that amazing outdoor pool, large garden patio or just a really interesting space? Can you reimagine your beautiful wedding spot?!

There are so many unique wedding venues in Toronto. They don’t have to be at a banquet hall, hotel or restaurant or typical gathering place. Some of them are right in our own living space!

There are options that are very affordable or if you are looking for a “hidden-gem” ask a wedding planner to help make your dreams into a reality.  They can help you turn any rooftop that can accommodate your guest count into a unique Toronto rooftop wedding venue. 

You might even be able to pull off a surprise wedding such as Davin and Libby managed!

Bride and Groom taking their vows with a judge marrying them and the city in the background of their rooftop wedding venue

The Tried and True Rooftop Wedding Venues in Toronto

If you are looking for rooftop venue favourites then there are definitely the top rooftop destinations in Toronto for those magical skyline views! 

Some of the best wedding venues I have seen in my research are  Hotel X Toronto, or the Lavelle Restaurant and the Broadview Hotel. Here is a great article that includes some of these and more.

Many Toronto rooftops locations have an indoor/outdoor space, may have a lounge area, pool or bar that makes it just a little different from your typical banquet hall. 

The hotel or restaurant options are plentiful in a google search and you can find the top rates place in many wedding directories.

Parents of the groom standing with the bride and groom for a picture while couple holds a blue beach ball that says love


Hopefully, the Coronavirus passes soon and things can return to normal.

Don’t be discouraged if your wedding venue is booked for your new wedding date after being postponed by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Be creative and flexible in your wedding planning and consider a place that can be converted to your dream ceremony/reception spot. A city rooftop patio, party room, a garden area may make a splendid venue substitution!

Ideas are as endless as your imagination! Good luck with your wedding planning!

Are you re-planning to have your wedding somewhere new or interesting like a Toronto rooftop venue because your original venue was booked? Leave a comment – I’d love to hear about it! Also, if you find yourself out of a wedding photographer then please do reach out to me via my contact form and I’d be happy to assist in any way that I can.

Libby, the newly wed bride smiling for bridal portrait Guests on Toronto rooftop wedding venue with bride walking in the middle CN Tower view from Toronto Rooftop Wedding at clients condo Groom standing at the alter taking his vows at his rooftop wedding Bride speaks to a guest at her Toronto condo garden venue Bride smiles at her groom during their wedding ceremony vows in Toronto patio wedding Bride and Groom taking vows with judge on garden veranda of the Toronto Condo Wedding couple taking vows on Toronto rooftop garden wedding ceremony Groom puts a ring on his brides finger on their Toronto Condo outdoor space Groom and Bride with her hand on her grooms shoulder at their Toronto wedding Newly wedded Toronto couple embrace after vows on their condo outdoor wedding space The first kiss as husband and wife on their Toronto rooftop wedding Side portrait of bride on her Toronto outdoor space wedding area Bride, judge and groom pose with the Marriage Register after their Toronto Wedding Officiant of the Toronto rooftop wedding for Davin and Libby Bride, Judge and Groom face the guests during their outdoor city wedding in Toronto Bride and groom smile cheek to cheek touching for pictures in Toronto Toronto couple just married by minister of the peace officiant on City Rooftop Venue Toronto couple and their family and bridal party at rooftop bench Bridal party sign the witness documents at Toronto rooftop wedding Judge signs the Marriage Certificate while bridal party looks on Groom showing a child a ring box during after his outdoor wedding Groom and his brother embrace in the reception room of Toronto Condo Wedding Party room Groom embraces one of his wedding guests Groom standing among his wedding guests as they socialize Bride with her friends in Toronto Party Room used for Wedding Reception Guest blowing bubbles at Toronto Downtown Condo Garden Wedding Smiling Toronto Wedding Guests with their baby Wedding guests look at bride and groom taking vows on Toronto Condo Outdoor Space Wedding Groom laughing at speeches during Toronto Condo Outdoor wedding Smiling Bride being embraced by new father-in-law at her wedding Newly weds smiling while they hold up together their marriage certificate Tear-drop shaped wedding ring for the Toronto Bride at her Condo Wedding Bridal portrait of the bride with her modern tea-length dress with cutout eyelets Blue suede shoes for Toronto bride on her rooftop wedding Tear-drop shaped sparkly earrings for Toronto bride Newly wedded Toronto Couple on their Condo Outdoor Deck Bride and Groom Smile cheek to cheek on their Toronto Condo Outdoor space event venue Toronto Bride and grooms hands showcasing their new wedding rings








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